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The Trip Rate Information Computer System (TRICS®) database is the transport planning industry standard software package used for calculating the trip generation potential of proposed developments. This includes traffic (cars & HGV’s), pedestrian, cyclist and public transport movements. The database can be interrogated by land use, location, size and accessibility to ensure that representative data is derived. 

The database contains over 6,300 directional transport surveys at over 100 types of development and was founded and is owned by 6 County Council’s in the south of England, collectively the TRICS® Consortium. However, its annual collection programme covers the whole of the UK and Ireland, across 17 defined regions.

We are registered subscribers to the TRICS® database and use the information in our Transport Assessments and Transport Statements.

If you have been asked to provide information on the trip generation potential of your development then we can help.

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