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99.6% of our projects receive no Highway objection.

The Origin team have a passion for highways and transportation. We are solution focused and often work on challenging and sometimes controversial projects. That is what enables us to make your project a success.


We work throughout the UK on a distributed basis and have a highly experienced and knowledgeable team of specialists offering Highways, Transport and Traffic Consultancy services to all sectors. 


We know the industry, we understand the requirements, we have worked on both sides of the fence and our experience aims to minimise delays related to highways issues throughout the planning process. 


Each of our consultants has an advanced qualification in their field in addition to years of practical experience. This marriage of theory and practice is critical to our strategic approach. Combined, our consultants have over 100 years of hands-on problem-solving expertise behind them.


That's a lot of problems, and even more innovative solutions.

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