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We are retained by Buckinghamshire Council to support the delivery of their Highways Development Management function. This commission has continued for several years when other consultants have come and gone. We believe that this reflects the experience, ability and knowledge of our personnel and our commitment to looking after the best interests of the Authority.

We consider the transport implications of applications from individual dwellings to large-scale urban extensions and town centre redevelopments.

We assess Transport Statements and Transport Assessments and negotiate with developer’s directly on necessary mitigation measures, infrastructure requirements and public transport improvements.

We provide detailed responses to the Local Planning Authority and regularly attend Members Site Visits, Committee Meetings and Local Area Forums to address transportation issues that arise from planning applications.

Public Sector Projects- Origin Transport Planning Consultants-UK

We have vast experience in working with public sector 

clients and Highways Development Management

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Winslow Centre

Sutton Courtenay
Kineton Parish Council
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