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Winslow Centre



Origin Transport Consultants Ltd were commissioned by Buckinghamshire Council to prepare a Transport Assessment in support of the redevelopment of the Winslow Centre to provide a Library Hub/Police Office, an additional 38 Residential apartments, a 60 bed Extra care unit and 23 Independent living units and 74 dwellings.

We provided assistance with the layout design to ensure that access for deliveries and servicing was adequate. An assessment of the required vehicle and cycle parking for the various uses was also provided.

Junction modelling was included in the Transport Assessment to demonstrate that the additional development traffic would have minimal effect on the operation of the local road network.


Three Technical Notes considering various scenarios where produced which allowed the County Council to conclude how it would determine highways comments for each application.


Origin have provided highways and transport planning advice on the proposals including;


  • Transport Assessment

  • Assistance with Layout

  • Vehicle and Bicycle Parking Assessment

  • Sustainability Assessment

  • Junction Modelling


The application has received no objection and has been approved.

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