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Mor Harfren Bio Power

Mor Hafren Bio Power


Origin Transport Consultants Ltd were commissioned by Mor Hafren Bio Power to prepare a Transport Assessment and Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Transport Chapter in support of an Energy Recovery Facility at land on Newlands Road, Cardiff, Wales.

The Energy Recovery Facility (ERF) will use residual waste to generate electricity that will be exported to the National Grid. The proposed scale of the development means that it constitutes a development of national significance. As a consequence, the determination of the prospective application is determined by Welsh Ministers.

The Transport Assessment confirmed that the additional traffic would have a minimal effect on the operation of local junctions. The Transport Assessment also included a routeing strategy which avoids residential areas. 

The EIA Transport Chapter assessed the transport impact of the development on severance, driver delay, pedestrian delay and amenity, fear, accidents and safety. It concluded that the environmental effect of the traffic generated as a consequence of the proposed development was none or negligible. 



Origin have provided highways and transport planning advice on the proposals including;


  • Transport Assessment

  • EIA Transport Chapter


The application received no Highway objection from the Local Authority.


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