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Stoke Poges

stoke poges



Origin Transport Consultants Ltd were commissioned by Comer Homes to prepare a Transport Assessment in support of a planning application for a residential development at Stoke Court in Stoke Poges, Buckinghamshire.

Stoke Court is a listed mansion with 11 associated hectares of parkland in Stoke Poges, South Buckinghamshire. The site has previously been used as a private house, country club, TV warehouse, offices and a conference centre. The whole site has been vacant since 2013, although parts of the site have been vacant for over 10 years.  


An application was submitted for the redevelopment of the site, comprising the conversion of the main house to accommodate 60 flats, new buildings to accommodate 63 flats and four houses with associated landscaping, parking and access. The application was refused, with eleven grounds given, including that there were not ‘very special circumstances’ to justify development in the green belt, loss of an employment generating site, lack of affordable housing provision, design issues and concerns about highways and parking provision.

We successfully worked with the Highway Authority to overcome previous concerns and ultimately received a 'no objection' from the Highway Authority. 


Origin have provided highways and transport planning advice on the proposals including;


  • Transport Assessment

  • Traffic Surveys

  • Travel Plan



The application received no Highways Authority objection.

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