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Infrastructure Design

We initiate preliminary investigations with utility companies to determine the whereabouts of services and to determine any potential impact on development layouts, whether it be location or capacity. Our aim is to minimise the influence of existing services on layouts and, if required, negotiate appropriate diversion routes. We offer utility service strategies for developments and coordinate the installation of incoming services.


After obtaining planning permission, we can undertake detailed design of highway and infrastructure schemes that have been secured as part of planning permission. This requires negotiating appropriate agreements for both onsite and offsite works related to highways and drainage (Section 278/38/104) in order to obtain approval from the relevant adopting authorities. 


Throughout the construction process, we offer a site monitoring service to ensure that the works are carried out in compliance with the approved designs. This service involves maintaining communication with the appropriate officers from the adopting authorities to facilitate the adoption of the completed works and the release of any necessary bonds.

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