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Travel Plan

Travel Plans are an essential part of the planning process for all developments, aligning with the Department for Transport's Good Practice Guidelines and the overarching Government carbon Net Zero Strategy for the UK.


A Travel Plan consists of various strategies to promote the use of sustainable transportation among residents, staff, customers, and visitors. The goal is to decrease single occupancy car trips, alleviate traffic congestion, and enhance overall health and environmental conditions and meet carbon reduction requirements.


Our transport planning consultants team offer Travel Plan Co-Ordinator services to both private and public sector clients. 


The Travel Plan co-ordinator will:-

  • Implement the Travel Plan

  • Liaise with the Local Planning and Highway Authority

  • Provide personalised journey planning

  • Consult and liaise with bus companies and secondary co-ordinators

  • Investigate sustainable transport measures 

  • Post occupation travel surveys

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